Validus League of Legends 2v2 Tournament Rules


General Rules

  1. All teams must show up 10 minutes before the match, ready to play. Any delays may result in a loss and disqualification
  2. All games are expected to be played to completion with a full team. Leaving early of any kind will result in a loss and disqualification. Its all for fun, Why rage quit
  3. This tournament is for the enjoyment of playing the game and the spectators, any rude or disrespectful chat may result in removal from the tournament AND community punishment.
  4. Any cheats, aimbot, glitches, macros, or any variety of the sort will not be permitted in the tournament. 
  5. Each game will be set up by either a caster or admin if possible. If no admin or caster is set for your game each team will need to decide who will be hosting, along with any rehost must be reported to an admin so any delays can be known about.

Game Rules

Map: Howling Abyss

Victory will be given to the first to 2 kills, getting first tower, or 100 Cs

Teams are limited to each player either having Barrier or Exhautes. No player can have both at once. If choosing to play with these spells. 


The tournament will begin at 20:00 GMT(Timezone can change) On February 19th, 2021

Games will take no longer than 10 minutes to avoid delays. If due to technical issues, Admin will make a decision on the outcome.

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