Validus 2v2 Community Cup – Ruleset

Validus Rainbow Six 2V2 Tournament Rules 

Tournament setup

Each game will be set up by either a caster or admin if possible.

If no admin or caster is set for your game each team will need to decide who will be hosting, along with any rehost must be reported to an admin so any delays can be known about. 

The first round will be set for 6 PM GMT+1 BST. 

Single Elimination.
Each round will start one hour after the last, having the finals set for 9 PM GMT+1 BST



Number of Rounds: 6

Attacker/Defender Role Swap: 2

Overtime Rounds: 3

Overtime Score Difference: 2

Overtime Role Change: 1

Ban time: 20 seconds 

Number of banned operators: 4

Game Mode: BOMB

Plant duration: 5 seconds 

Defuse Duration: 5 seconds

Fuse timer 45 seconds 

Prep phase: 30 seconds 

Round time 2:30


Damage Handicap: 100

Friendly Fire Damage: 100

Injured: 20

Character Control

Sprint: On

Lean: On


Death Replay: Off


HUD: Pro League 


Map pool: House


1.  All teams must show up 10 minutes before the match, ready to play. Any delays may result in a loss and disqualification 

2. All games are expected to be played to completion with a full team. Leaving early of any kind will result in a loss and disqualification.

3. This tournament is for the enjoyment of playing the game and the spectators, any rude or disrespectful chat may result in removal from the tournament AND community punishment. 

4. Any cheats, wallhacks, aimbots, glitches, macros, or any variety of the sort will not be permitted in the tournament. Using any of the sorts will result in a loss of match and disqualification. 

5. Each team is allowed one rehost per game. Only if the entire lobby experiences issues will an admin/caster be allowed to call for additional rehosts. 

I. A rehost can only be called before the start of prep-phase. Otherwise, the round must be played out, and the rehost will be done after. 

II. Being this is an open tournament we will look to place the lobbies in the best overall connection for everyone in the game. We would like to set a limit for ping at 175MS, at such time the opposing team can decide to play the match or move on. 

6. The sides will be decided at random before the lobby is started. If a rehost does occur the scores up to that point will be put in. Each team is expected to join on the correct side to avoid any delays. 

7. List of currently banned cosmetics: The use of any of these skins will result in a round loss for the team using. If multiple infractions occur, the map will either be replayed or a loss delt to the abusing team. (Admins choice) 

Outbreak Collection

Wind bastion Bundle

Blood orchid Bundle

Twitch & Valkyrie Elite

Ember Rise bundle

Seared Flats bundle

Satellite bundle

Wanderer Bundle

8. Spawn kills are not allowed in any facet. We define spawn kills as any peak that results in a kill from the first two seconds of play, or when a player first moves and is allowed no time to react. This means once a player leaves a spawn area they can be peaked, run out on, or any other variety of kill. 

9. All matches must be reported with a screenshot after the game. A channel in the discord will be created to send the results.