imgValidus COD Open Created by Lucky

Welcome to the first in the series of Validus open tournaments. These events are being hosted by the Validus community and staff to both increase community interaction and competitive play. 

The first set of tournaments will be open to anyone interested in playing and includes all skill levels. While no prize is set for the first tournaments, our goals will be to involve sponsors and paid tournaments in the near future. 

This tournament’s game will be Call of Duty Vanguard,  4 vs 4, with League play rules, bans, and maps. If unsure of these rules you can read them here:  However, only  Hardpoint will be played for this tournament. 

Event organizers: 

LuckyCharms – Tournament Coordinator

MaddogMetzy – Social Media Director

Kevlar – Owner/Opporator Validus





Started on

31/07/2022, 5:00 pm


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    At your desk

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    Call of Duty
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    Best of 2
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Addiotnal information: 


Teams should be registered no later than 7/29/2022, with late registration allowed only by request. An invite for a Tournament discord will be sent to all team leaders two days prior to the event. Results with endgame screenshots will be required to be posted on the server to be allowed to move to the next round. 


If a team does not show up 10 minutes after the set match time, a forfeit will be assumed and the other team will move to the next round. 


A ban, ban, pick system will be used to determine each map. The higher seed will select the first ban, then the lower seed, ending with the upper seed choosing between the final two maps. 


No subs are allowed in this tournament, the team you sign up with must play unless communicated to a staff member and accepted.  


All cheats and hacks are banned, along with any known out-of-bounds or tactics that would ruin the integrity of the game. Each team is allowed a protest per game if they feel rules were not set correctly or followed as expected. The protest results are up to the staff members and are final, no arguing or harassment will be allowed toward staff. Resulting in a team ban and removal from the tournament if justified. 


Finally, this is a fun tournament. While we fully support the competitive nature of these events and wish for all to have fun. We ask competitors not to take this too seriously, please avoid any hate speech, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks. If approached by staff, one warning will be given before the removal of any team who continues to violate these guidelines. If you wouldn't say it with your mother in the room, don't say it here. 

Tournament brackets

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